ZETELAKA ES TARSAI Hunting and Fishing Association has the main goal to manage in a sustainable way the game and the hunting activity within some of the most specific hunting grounds from Harghita County. There are 4 Hunting Grounds we manage, in total 52934 ha.

This we do by creating a hunting association, on the terrains belonging to the Zetea area, in order to maintain the biodiversity and the biological balance of the game, also to increase the glory of trophies from here. The founding members are those who participated at the foundation of the association and have same interests as the land owners from Zetea area. The hunting activity is done by our own members and invited hunters from other associations and also from abroad.

For our guests, at request we assure the transportation with terrain cars and lodging can be done in comfortable hunting cabins, right inside the hunting area. For the trophies we assure the issue from the authorities of the sanitary certificate and of the CITES certificate necessary to cross the borders.

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